Sunday, November 20, 2011

David Bouvier
ENGL 0250-154
H. Susi
November 20, 2011

Driving While Stupid

This Short article written by "Dave Barry" is a short story of a few incidents he has overcame through out his traveling around the world. He claimed he has driven in just about every major city in america and in all of these major cities he has not found one place where people could drive. He says he seen people doing it all while driving. From eating to texting, also driving with no hands and even watching music videos while driving. One store he had witch amazed even him was when he was on I-95 a man in a convertible who was driving very fast swerving. When he past the man in the convertible with loud music was watching a music video while driving.

I have been driving for about four years so far and even these short four years I have witnessed many crazy things people have done while driving. While I was driving about a year ago I saw a very hefty woman who was probably in her mid 30's driving through the mall parking lot trying to eat a full uncut subway sandwich. My friend and myself at the time could not stop laughing, This woman was swerving in a parking lot and she wasn't even on the main road yet. We drove by her and he had the meat ball marinara sauce all over her face.

Driving while you are preoccupied doing something else is very dangeorus, not only to your self but towards other innocent people. Texting, eating or even your so important music video can wait. It is not worth putting other people and your self in danger just because of something so small. Figure out ways to prevent yourself from doing these things. Prepare your self for when you know you have to drive. Call them through blue tooth, text before you drive and manage your time so you can eat at home or sit down and eat not in a hurry.

I know that I have the tendency to text while I drive but I try and not answer anything that is not important if I do not have too. Sometimes it is very hard when I'm on a drive that is over 20 minuets long depending on the time of day. I always have people who text me and call me to make appointments. Most of my customers will non stop text me until I answer because they are so inpatient and want an answer right away. Other than sometimes I text I do not eat in my car because, a) I don't want my car smell like food. b) I don't want my car to get dirty. c) I know if i start it will become a big habit.

I believe that every one that text and drives a lot should cut the habit. I think everyone who eats and drives is just lazy and fat and they also should cut the habit. Yeah, a granola bar or a small snack is reasonable but a huge meatball grinder is unacceptable. Most of you eating food like that in your car probably have weight issues. Keep The distractions to a minimal to keep your self out of harm and simply prevent your self from getting into dangerous situations. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cell Yell

David Bouvier
ENGL 0250-154
H. Susi

Cell Yell: Thanks for (Not) Sharing
This article "Cell Yell: Thanks For (Not) Sharing" Written by Eric A. Taub was about a rising phenomenon on cell phone use and manners. Through out this article Dr. Kopomaa Explains a Few different tests and observations he has made on cell phones and the people using them. This article is branched off a story about a young man who makes a business phone call five minuets before take off from an air port. This man was talking very loud, and was oblivious to the 15 surrounding passengers glaring at him because of his actions.
Dr. Kopomaa Made Many different test on cell phones. He explains why people speak loud on cell phones not knowing every one around them can hear you. He calls it Cell Yell. He says it is because either your cell phone is too small and when their piece is on your ear the mouth piece is far away so you have the tendency to speak louder. He also says that Most cell phones you can not hear your self on the other line so you speak louder to make up for it not knowing how loud you are speaking. One of the last reasons He explains about Cell Yell is that your surroundings makes you speak louder depending on where you are just because you can not hear yourself speak does not mean the person on the other line can't either.
I can def agree with every thing Dr. kopoma says makes a lot of scence and I know because sometimes I catch my self doing it too. He says this is just like a def person when they try and talk, since they can not hear themselves speak they will speak louder. I definitely can relate to this because just about half my family; on my dads side, is hard of hearing. I know a lot of sign language, but a lot of people in my family can speak well and read lips, so its basically like your speaking to some one who can hear you. On the other hand There are a few family members whom have the tendency to speak very loud. when you talk to them they speak very loud and they do not know how to pronounce any of their words. From my perspective it is quite annoying when you had to live with them when you were younger. They would call your name in a silent public room very loud. They would yell in the middle of the night. Call in pets by their name in the middle of the night; sounds like gibberish. sometimes I wish they could hear me so I could just tell them to be quiet!
Sometimes I think there is an exception to certain people why they speak loud on the phone, some people are clueless and just can not help themselves. My Father on the other hand is hard of hearing, almost completely def in one ear. He has no trouble speaking on the phone. He does not speak louder but sometimes he has trouble hearing you, He knows not to speak louder. I have perfect hearing but I still catch myself speaking loud at certain times. 
I do not think it is a certain age group, or certain type of people who speak loudly on the phone but it is just the kind of person they are. none of these people who speak loud have problems they probably are just oblivious. They just might need a little practice. I think people could practice speaking quietly on the phone and they would be able to fix their Cell Yell problem.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

When Green Gives Way to Giving

David Bouvier
ENGL 0250-154
H. Susi
november 6, 2011

"When Greed Gives Way to Giving"

The short story "When Greed Gives Way to Giving" written by Ana Veciana-Suarez is a mind boggling story about a 67-year-old man Bob Thompson. He is a very generous person, who likes to give more than he will take. He is from belleville, minnesota. He sold his Road-building company for $422 million. This man surprisingly did not buy him-self anything but he decided to share the money.
Thompson took $128 million of his $422 million and split the money among his 550 workers. Most of the checks exceeded the workers annual salaries, and for more than 80 people, the bonus was as much or more than a million dollars. Thompson even paid the taxes on the proceeds he has given to the people. The workers were confused and lots of them thought that Thompson made a mistake on the numbers but in reality he was correct. 
Thompson started his multi million dollar business in his basement wit $3,500, given to him by his wife. He lived in his old house for 37 years, not a mansion, not a huge house, but a normal sized house. This shows the type of person Thompson is. Most people would not share like Thompson did, this just shows the generosity he has towards people. He told reporters that he wanted to help people and that he wanted to go out a winner and go out doing the right thing.
I believe that not everyone would share, or does share with what they have now, but I believe that most people share as much as possible for what they have. I think what Thompson did was great I can probably say i would do the same thing, but I would have to fulfill my dreams and wishes before I do others. I believe that its my life; not to sound greedy, but every one should do for themselves then do for others. Some times it is obviously good to put others first but not all of the time. I think that if every one had the mind set of sharing and doing for others is good. If then, this world would be much better and easier place to live. We live in greed and live with a lot of heartless people. More people like Thompson this world would be better.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

"A Risk-Free Life"

David Bouvier
ENGL 0250-154
H. Susi

"A Risk-Free Life"

In the short story "A Risk-Free Life" written by Leonard Pitts is about a woman whom her name is still a kept a secret for her own 
safety and reasonings. Her whole family Has been struggling from a horrible disease called Alzheimer's. This woman is trying to have her unborn child's DNA screened for the disease. Pitts talks about how in the future people may be able to choose and depict distinct features
out of their children's DNA and pretty-much make their children's features from a check list.
I thought that this article was very interesting because knowing that a lady is going through this much to know what her child is
most likely to be like when it is born. I think that it is very smart to use the technology to figure out if your child will have a generic
disease, but I do not think that a parent should be able to choose and depict weather if your child will have blue eyes, brown hair, dark
skin and have a great smile. If you were too basically create your own dream baby, I think this would just be abusing the power of
technology. I would garentee that their would be some type of problem or glitch in this system. If this does happen I think people should  just think and ask them selves before they do it. Who would be the test dummies? Would it work? What would it happen if it didn't work?
I believe that your child should look like you and your spouse and have the intelligence of you both. In the future if Pitts is correct 
about this technology of choosing your baby's features from a check list then having a baby would just be like going to the mall and 
creating a build-A-Bear. I truly do just think that would be completely wrong and I would choose to not do it. I would want my baby to 
have my features not features of what i want.
Maybe instead of using this technology for looks. We can use it to our advantage and use it to maybe stop a disease from beginning. 
Maybe we could prevent diseases from happening that could potentially kill our selves in the future. I believe in fate. If my fate is to have 
an ugly baby, or a baby with distinct features weather they are bad or good, I think that we should all accept our fate and live with it. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

David Bouvier
ENGL 0250-154
H. Susi

"Good Grammar Gets the Girl"

The short story “Good Grammar Gets the Girl” by Elissa Englund is about a girl who tries to join internet dating services. She meets a guy online named Craig who seemed like a nice guy but he had really bad grammar. Craig misspelled words left and right and didn't seem like he knew the differences between certain words that sounded the same. Elissa thought he was dumb. Elissa talks about how many people have also exchanged their first flirting words through instant messaging, e-mail and on the online dating services. Elissa tells you five rules for people to remember before they type something and post it with all errors.
I think that the issues she discussed had good information that some people need help with their writing. I believe that this should be used for more than just internet talking, I know she is referring all this to internet dating because every one is speaking through words but you can use all of this in an every day use. I think she also she could use her advice for people who are writing resumes for a job interview, or for someone who is writing an article for a paper or a magazine. 
I personally have a problem with my writing. I know for a fact my language and grammar use needs to change in my writing and speaking. I have always had a problem with speaking and writing but I do not think that it is helping because of all these texting terms and slang I use with my friends on a daily basis.
Since the first couple weeks of My english class I can see the improvements in my writing I learn new grammar skills every day and I can see the writing improve in my texting and writing, I try and use the newly learned skills in my writing so I can better my self for my future, but it is really hard because using slang and short terms and abbreviations are so much easier and faster to text with.
I believe that one of the biggest problems is that our generation of kids are very lazy including my self and I like to use the terms and abbreviations it makes my life easier and its faster. There fore I think more kids should use some sort of a motive to better them selfs in their grammar and knew how important it is and maybe practiced by using texting. This would help them selfs in their future and they would grow as a better writing it will help them in the future if they have to write papers in college.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


"Only Daughter," by Sandra Cisneros Describes how a father has high expectations for his daughter. In the past her father mentioned how he had seven sons one being her. She is the only daughter he has but still referred her to a son. Her father brings up all his children having seven sons if he wanted a metal. Her father expected his daughter to marry so he allowed her to go to college. When she graduated and went to  two years of grad school with no husband he thinks her schooling was a waste of time and money.
The quote that catches my eye is when she says "Being only a daughter for my father meant my destiny would lead me to become someone's wife." I think her father expects a lot from his daughter. And to me it seems like she's not ready for marriage. Cisneros dad tells his children to use their head and not their hands and always showed his beat up hands as an example. Thats exactly what she did, She went through college and worked very hard even went through two years of grad school and her father is still unhappy.
Cisneros Father criticizes her and how she wasted all her time, but all of her schooling paid off because she became a professional writer. Her book was sold and published to a New York publishing house. Her father was a huge part of her life and I believe her father inspired her to become such a good writer and pursue her dreams. Her father read her story. He asked if he could have more copies for him self and the family to read. She actually had this story translated so he could read it. i thought it was very interesting that she took such interest in her story after so many years of being hard on her and treating her like she beneath him. It all paid off for Cisneros, She made him laugh and ask questions. He was very interested in her story.
My thought on this short story is that maybe it was very good that her father was hard on her because maybe if not she would have nothing to prove to anyone. Also maybe she would not have gotten to where she is today. She has many short stores out books and more published. She is a very well known writer. I believe her Family experiences help her achieve Her goals.
       This story reminds me of some of the same reasons why i am the person I am today. The way Cisneros was inspired is the same way why I do things in my life. When some one tells me I can not do something it makes me want to do achieve it that much more. I can relate to this story on a daily basis I see things like this happen to my friends and even in different parts of my family. Their will always be that stereotype in every ones life at one point weather if it is good things or in bad ways.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

David Bouvier
ENG 0250-154
H. Susi

A Brother's Murder
A Brothers Murder by Brent Staples is a story about how Staples grew up having a rough life. He grew up in Chester, Philadelphia where he recalls people being stabbed, shot, and killed all around him daily. Staples went to college, graduated, and became a journalist. When he accomplished these tasks he decided to forget about his hometown completely and never go back. As Brent Staples left Blake Staples, his brother, stayed and got caught up in the trouble. Brent tried to save his brother but he was to caught up and by the time he tried to save him it was to late. Brent told his brother to meet him one day, a meeting he never showed up to, because he was killed.
Staples did only do what he could at the time of when he was growing up. He had to save himself before he could help any one else. I'm sure losing his brother put a huge weight on his shoulders, he got the feeling he could have done more and that it is his fault. He woke up night after night for weeks crying up set with him self. Living in the hardship he did must have given him the strength to pull him self though this tradgety. He thought he could have saved his brothers life by having him read a document he read that has turned his life round. 
It is very hard to live a life like staples did. I do not know what i would possibly do if i had to go through the things that he went through and still have a head on my shoulders. what some people don't under stand is that things that happen, happens for a reason weather it makes you a better person or changes your ways of doing things. Anything that happens it could always be worse.
I personally do not have many same experiences like staples did but i do know a hand full of friends that have been through worse and same experiences. I have friends that have been through things like staples and they are still normal and they know how to keep their composure. I also have a hand full of people that have been through difficult things in their life and can not deal with and and revert to drugs, alcohol or suicide. I have a close friend that committed suicide just about a year ago because he could not deal his life. it is really sad because he was like a brother to me and i share some sort of feeling with staples. 
It is always sad knowing that a lot of people deal with things like staples did, but these kind of things happen on a daily basis with more people than you would think. Some people know how to deal with it and live a normal life through or after their downfalls. Other people can not deal with it and become their own enemy, they will hurt them self or let their lives go to wast. Just like staples story there are many more stories or people you may know that will inspire you to love everything you have and not to take anything for granted.